162-unit Missoula subdivision prompts school concerns

A large new subdivision in Missoula’s Sxwtpqyen area is generating concerns for the school district nearby.

Developer Miramonte Homes LLC is proposing a 54-lot major subdivision, Missoula Loft Homes on Mary Jane Boulevard, near Hellgate Elementary School, with 162 total units on 16.74 acres.

While the new Missoula neighborhood has been targeted for substantial growth thanks to a federal grant secured to install infrastructure there, Hellgate Elementary Superintendent Molly Blakely worries about the impact this subdivision would have on her facilities.

Located near Hellgate Elementary, Missoula Loft Homes pose a potential challenge for the school population. 

“162 units will greatly impact our school!” Blakely wrote in a public comment email. “We currently have very little extra classroom space in our K-2, 2-3 and 4-6 grade buildings.”

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The 2,000-acre Sxwtpqyen region has an estimated capacity of 6,000 units — 1,128 housing units have already been permitted there, according to Missoula Public Works Director Jeremy Keene, and another 3,000 are in the development pipeline.

Missoula Loft Homes qualifies for expedited development review for its 42 detached single-family

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