12 Teens Spent Their Summer Volunteering in Yellowstone Park

Some high school-aged kids spend their summer working part-time jobs or maybe helping out on the family farm or business. Other kids may spend a portion of their summer attending various camps (sports, theater, space camp, etc.) and a number of kids probably spent their summer vacation in front of an Xbox.

For a dozen kids from around the United States, the summer of 2021 was likely an experience they’ll never forget. The 12 teenagers spent a total of five weeks in Yellowstone National Park, working as volunteers on the Yellowstone Conservation Corps program. The park’s official Twitter account shared this Tweet.

The kids get paid.

The teens earn Federal minimum wage working 40 hours a week (minus $10 per day for room/board/laundry) and they work five days in a row from their camp. They spend two nights a week at the YCC facility to shower, do laundry, and resupply.

Credit: Yellowstone National Park/NPSThe program is entering its 34th year.

For many teens, the opportunity to live and work in Yellowstone National Park for the summer is a dream job. YCC organizers say,

No previous wilderness experience is required, but a willingness and ability to work in a physically active outdoor program, get along well with others, and maintain a positive

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