100 Dems at Iowa State fair offer thoughts on presidential hopefuls

Des Moines, Iowa — As a seemingly endless parade of Democratic presidential candidates filtered through the Iowa State Fair this past weekend they were faced with many choices: Which fried foods should be eaten in front of the camera? Whose hands must be shaken? What’s the best way to win over this narrow yet deeply important slice of the the party’s electorate? 

But with two dozen candidates competing for their vote, the Democratic faithful at the fair were also struggling with an abundance of options. 

CBS News interviewed 100 Democratic voters here who say they are likely to participate in the February 2020 caucus to find out whose candidacy is connecting with Iowans as of now. And the most popular answer was TBD. 

A plurality of Democrats — 40 in total — said they were not yet settled on a candidate. As summer came to a close, however, nearly every Democrat said they were starting to give the field a closer look. 

“It’s kind of hard to figure out who I want to support because there’s so many candidates,” Alicia Elliott, a 40-year-old Des Moines server, said. “One of the reasons I’m at the fair today is actually because there’s a

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