$1 Million Bond for Man who Tried to Run From and Shoot Police

29 year-old Zachary Harris is in the Missoula County Jail on $1 million bond after allegedly picking up drugs from a postal location, attempting to flee from several law enforcement officers, then pulling a pistol and trying to shoot them.

At Harris’ Missoula Justice Court appearance on Friday, Deputy County Attorney James McCubbin explained the incident to Judge Alex Beal.

Harris, who had been under investigation for some time by several law enforcement agencies, went to the UPS Store on West Broadway to pick up a package that contained illegal drugs; however several law enforcement officers were waiting to arrest him when he came out of the store.

McCubbin described what happened during the arrest.

“Defendant Harris did come to retrieve that package,” said McCubbin. “He took possession of the package and had to walk outside, and officers then closed in to arrest him. He was confronted with four officers. This was a combined federal, state and local operation. The four in front of him each had ballistic vests, identifying them as Police or Sheriff or to that effect. In addition, he had a DEA agent and along with the Postal Inspector behind him, and the DEA agent had his badge

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